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At Paston we have a clear and consistent approach to letter formation and handwriting. We use 'Letter Join' to help us structure our teaching and have developed knowledge organisers and videos to support parents and children to understand the explicit knowledge needed for this. In addition, our parents and children have the fantastic opportunity to access the Letter Join resources from home for free and there is a video explaining how this can be done.

The knowledge organisers contain all of the knowledge needed to be able to form letters and numbers correctly- right from the beginning when children are first beginning to hold a pencil and make marks, to when they are forming letters and joining in the cursive style. They cover the exact way that each letter should be formed and the rhyme to be used.

In Reception, children are taught 'print' letter formation to compliment our RWI phonics (there is a knowledge organiser based on this which gives the rhymes to be used for these letter formations). By the end of Reception, children will begin to move on to forming their letters as specified in the knowledge organisers for the subsequent year groups.

This approach to letter formation and handwriting ensures that children are able to meet the expectations of correct letter orientation, sizing and joining.

Letter Join from home

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