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At Paston Ridings we believe that artistic expression is essential to developing each child as a well rounded individual. We aim to provide all children with a broad range of artistic experiences and opportunities to unleash their untapped creativity. To develop their fine motor skills through the use of drawing, painting and sculpting techniques and refine these skills so that children can confidently express and communicate their ideas freely. Through the provision of stimulating learning opportunities and open ended projects we aim to challenge children to share their thinking in relation to a brief or open ended question. We aim to develop creative children who are inquisitive, resilient and expressive who will become the artists, architects and designers of the future.


We teach art regularly as part of our topic based curriculum. Our lessons utilise the works of existing artists and examine the ways they communicate complex ideas while giving children the opportunity to share their own ideas through the use of a range of media and techniques.Our curriculum progresses across the school, building upon learning, and focuses on the following areas: 

  • Explore the art world through a range of well planned lessons and topic themed projects. 

  • Discover established artists, their artwork and the techniques they used. Develop key artistic skills, knowledge and technical vocabulary. 

  • Build on previous lessons and experiences to develop artistic skills and automaticity 

  • Deepen their understanding of what art is 

  • Practise artistic skills by producing their own artwork in response to a question or brief 

  • Communicate knowledge and understanding through the creation of final topic pieces. 

  • Celebrate success with pieces displayed on a central display.


The impact of our whole school art and design curriculum is that all children will begin to understand that art can take many forms. Develop a love of the many aspects of the visual arts. Each child will be given opportunities to express themselves creatively, while deepening their knowledge so that it can be transferred into their wider lives, from drawing and painting for pleasure in their spare time to choosing matching colour schemes around the home. Each child builds resilience in their approach to art and can take pride in the work they have created. Impact is monitored through children’s work in sketchbooks, reflections and teacher assessment. Teachers provide verbal and written feedback, and ‘pupil voice’ is gathered through interviews to ensure our curriculum is centred around the needs of our children.

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