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Year have been time travelling!

Year 1 at Paston Ridings have had a very exciting day visiting Peterborough and Museum, to learn about the history and features of Peterborough as part of their Geography topic.

On Wednesday the 8th November Year 1 got on a bus and travelled to the Museum first. This was very exciting. They explored the museum looking at the different rooms. They went back in time in the changing lives room and saw how items have changed over the years from clothes to household items such as hoovers and cookers.. Children got glimpses of what life may have been like back then.

The children went under the sea and discovered fossils of marine reptiles such as Ichthyosaurs, Pliosaurs and Plesiosaurs. They also looked at a specimen of the largest fish that ever lived – Leedsichthys – and many other fossils that lived in the Jurassic seas, including long-extinct ammonites and belemnites. This helped with the children's understanding that Peterborough was once under water.. The children then had an interesting time with Mercy the Museum historian who told the children all about Peterborough and how life in Peterborough has changed over thousands and thousands of years.

They then all looked through a mystery box of items from the past and present and had to label them on a timeline when they came from.. Next the children walked through the high street of Peterborough taking in all the historic buildings such as the townhall and church, until they reached the Cathedral. Inside they were greeted by Tony and her team. They told the children all about the history of St Peter's Cathedral and why it was named that. The children took part in many exciting activities around the Cathedral. Discovering stained glass windows and how they tell a story. They even had a go at making one. They became tour guides and toured the Cathedral learning facts.

They even saw a Queen and Old Scarlet the grave digger. The children then looked at a huge map and discovered physical and human features around Peterborough. They then became town planners and made their own town with roads, rivers, fields and houses. The children had the most amazing day and hopefully learnt many, many new facts about Peterborough.

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