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Year 1 News

Year One have been really busy this half term in all of their subjects.

Especially in Maths. As part of maths they have been working hard measuring. They have measured and compared capacity and volume, using language such as greater than and less than to compare . They have also been describing if a container is full, half full or empty and using water to make these amounts. The children have also been looking at nonstandard and standard units of measure to measure length and weight. They used cubes to measure and object and then when they were more confident moved onto centimetres . They described their findings using mathematical language such as longer/longest and shorter/shortest. Finally the children explored weight and measured weight. Discussing their findings. Is something heavier or lighter.

As part of English they immersed themselves in the story of The Monster Storm.They wrote about  the character of Dennis and how he felt towards the storm. The children discussed ways of how Dennis could overcome his adversity towards the storm and solutions how he can feel better. As part of Art the children researched sculptors such as Joy Brown and made their own monster sculpture out of clay. They became composers in Music and they used instruments to make superhero theme tunes using pitch and tempo.

As part of History lessons they researched and wrote facts about Sir Tim Berners-Lee and how he changed the world by inventing the internet.

Computing this half term has been really exciting and the children have been giving commands to BeeBots and making sure they give simple clear instructions to the BeeBot to get to the correct place.

For PSHE the children looked at what to do in an emergency. Who to call? How to be safe? Who keeps us safe?.

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