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How technology has changed...

Year 1 have had an interesting few weeks during History sessions discovering how technology has changed and developed over the years.

They have looked at how communication have developed from sending pigeons with messages to instant phone calls and video calls. The children looked at how telephones have changed in shape, size and how they are now part of everyday life. Children went into depth on how technology has develop to help other aspects of life such as supporting doctors and nurses in hospitals. For English children have immersed themselves in the story about Beegu the little yellow alien who crashed on Planet Earth.

The children created words banks of amazing adjectives to describe the story, setting and problems Beegu got herself into trying to find friends. They also discussed adversity and how Beegu over came some of these difficult situations with the big people on Planet Earth and how she helped herself. The children wrote lovely letters as Beegu to her parents to tell them all about her time on Planet Earth and how she felt. Year 1 have been very busy! 

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