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Becoming Botanists

This month Year 3 got to have our first school trip!  We were all very excited.  We’ve been learning about plants and nature in English and Science so we got to go and have some hands-on learning at the Leicester University Botanical Gardens.

We were lucky to have clear blue skies.  We rotated around 6 stations.  At the stations we able to:

  • use crayons to make a rubbing of leaves and tree bark

  • punch a Redwood tree (very popular activity!)

  • learn about and smell herbs

  • plant our own cress

  • look at many kinds of cacti (we were very careful!)

  • and look at some other plants that make some of the foods we eat today. 

We completed our workbooks happily.  All in all it was a huge success and really helped with our learning this term!  Thank you to the parents who came along with us and helped us learn. 

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