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Year 4 News

This term, we have had an overall theme of learning about change and adversity. In science, we have looked at the changing states of matter - together we heated up chocolate, butter, cheese and ice and watched the process of melting as these solids turned into liquids, and we were able to compare how different substances behave. We also had a role play, with children showing us their understanding of the different states of matter, by either bunching up together in a fixed shape as a solid, or zooming wildly around the entire ‘container’ of the playground as a gas. In RE, we learned about the story of Rama and Sita, how the heroes of the story always did their duty, even when others did not. Because they followed their dharma, despite many trials and tribulations, they were ultimately rewarded with a happy ending - which is celebrated every year now as Diwali.

We looked at all the major characters of the story, and considered how each of them had done their duty. In Geography we have been building a greater understanding of the world around us - in particular rivers and hills. We have looked at various examples of these geographical features from around the country and understand how they were formed. In PSHE, we have taken a look at age restrictions, and the challenges and opportunities offered by the combination of both widening freedoms and greater responsibilities as we grow up.

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