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Paxton Year 4 residential day 2 (part 2)

After our lunch we embarked on our blind trail. Where the children were all blind folded as they ducked and dived through many obstacles! The slide at the end caught them all out!

After this they headed back over to the lake to do giant stand up paddle bourding. The children had to work together with an instructor to get across the lake. They played lots of games and sang lots of songs. Luckily only a few took a dip but were all very brave and we got them nice and warm straight after!

They then headed to dinner where they had chicken or steak pie with potatoes and flapjack for pudding.

We ended our day with a camp fire where we sang lots of songs and toasted some marshmallows!

They then packed their bags ready for tomorrow and are now tucked up in bed ready for our last day of activities tomorrow!

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