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Paxton Lakes Day 2 (part 1) A wonderful morning on the water!

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed themselves having a go at canoeing in pairs. They all gradually became more confident, which was wonderful to watch, and were soon happily playing a form of dodgeball with the instructors from one boat to the next.

After the canoes came the kayaks. For this activity the children had to work independently to use the double-ended paddle to steer and power themselves through the water. Some of the children were truly excellent at this and we were all very impressed!

After a successful morning on the lake (no one fell in!), the children stowed their splashed clothes in the special drying room before heading inside for lunch. Today's menu was pulled pork or southern fried chicken roll with chips and optional salad extras - they ate well and are now ready for the rest of their day!

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