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Paston Ridings 
Primary School

Year 5 Curriculum Information

Autumn Term 1

Our Topic is "Pharaohs". 
This is a history topic and focuses on the Ancient Egyptian civilization. Children are immersed into the topic through a mummification experience. They will learn about how and where Egyptian pharaohs were preserved after death and the importance of the tombs they were buried in. In Geography, they will be able to use maps to locate Egypt and explore how it has evolved over time, as well as how the Ancient Egyptians used the River Nile for travel and trade. In Art and Design they will draw ancient artefacts and sketches of famous pharaohs. In Music, they will focus on songs containing 'ancient' percussion and evoke an atmosphere of a distant time and place.
In English lessons, the children will develop their story writing skills, writing a setting description based on the short film, "Tadeo Jones."  Children will also share their new knowledge through writing a non-chronological report about Ancient Egypt.
The reading text for this topic is: The Phoenix code by Helen Moss.

Autumn Term 2

Our topic is "Alchemy Island".
This topic is geography based and gives children the chance to explore the use of compasses, scale and using maps with accuracy. They will develop their understanding of contours on a map and why they are used.  In science, the children will learn how to identify, demonstrate and compare reversible and irreversible changes. They will also learn how to separate mixtures and group everyday materials. In Music, children will create music jingles and to a backing track and describe music using artwork and words.
In English lessons, children will write to entertain through a setting description of entering Narnia, using the core text as a stimulus. They will also be writing to inform through an instruction manual of how to work a portal they have designed.   
The reading text for this topic is: The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis.

Spring Term 1

Our topic is "Stargazers"
This is a science based topic that explores Earth, space and forces.  In particular, children will explore the size and scale of the planets in our solar system and their distance from the sun. They will also learn about how we have day and night and the phases of the moon using Oreos. In Computing, children will create a stop-motion animation of an alien invasion using 2Animate on Purple Mash. In Music, they will learn to reflect on orchestral music and perform as an ensemble. 
In English, the children will write to inform through the form of a newspaper report about an alien invasion at Paston Ridings. This will then inform their animation in Computing. They will also write a non-chronological report about a planet they have researched in depth.
The reading text for this term is: Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce.

Spring Term 2

Our topic is "Off With Her Head"
This is a History topic, which immerses children into the lives of The Tudors. They will learn all about the Tudor monarch and the characteristics of King Henry VIII and his six wives. Children will explore what Treason is and the punishments that people in this era experienced. In Geography, children will locate the many houses of King Henry VIII and explore how London has evolved through the years. In Art, children will explore how portraits were used to convey the characters of the royal family.
In English, the children will write a biography about the life of a famous Tudor. They will also be writing to persuade through a persuasive argument about whether the Tudors were really terrible. Children will then be writing to entertain through poetry, exploring who was the best wife of Henry VIII.
Our reading text for this term is: Treason by Berlie Doherty.

Summer Term 1

Our topic is "Scream Machine"
In this topic, children will explore the forces involved in a fairground ride. They will learn about mechanisms and forces, developing their knowledge about the properties of materials, pulleys and prototypes. They will design and make rides that include each of these mechanical systems. Children will explore more local geography, when looking at the location of UK theme parks.
In English, children will create a fairground ride, and write a review of it. They will also write to entertain through a narrative about a fairground mystery. They will explore sentence structure and begin to incorporate all the grammatical features learnt through the year.
The reading text this term is: The Boy Who Swam With Piranhas by David Almond.

Summer Term 2

Our topic is "Beast Creator"
In this topic, children will develop their knowledge of living things and their habitats. In Science, children will learn about identification keys, food chains and some of the deadliest beasts on the planet. In Art, children will focus on perspective drawing. Children will also debate ethical issues in PSHE related to how we treat animals. 
In English, children will write to inform through an explanation text about the life cycles of creatures. They will also use the core text as a stimulus for a fantasy narrative.
The reading text this term is: Charlottes Web by E. B White.