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Paston Ridings 
Primary School

Where Are They Now?

Jamie Lewis 

Jamie Lewis
When I first came to Paston Ridings I was a shy, nervous child who wanted to keep myself to myself and this was a mainstay throughout my time at Paston Ridings Primary School, but that wasn't a hindrance as I was one of if not the hardest working child in my year achieving the required grades moving up to secondary school.

My job now is a childcare professional who works with children with very difficult and differenl behavioural needs and we look to reintegrate the children, if not into mainstream school, but into a school best to suit their needs.

My second job is a public speaker; my aim to be able to motivate the most challenging type of person and turning them around and making there story a very successful one.

I reached that point by never allowing anyone telling me no, and the thirsts of learning new subjects and being able to build on previous experiences and I am using this as a platform to look to and push on to truly great things.

Hayley Chambers 

 Hayley and Gemma Chambers
Hayley and Gemma Chambers

This information about former pupils Hayley and Gemma Chambers has been sent to us by their parents, Angela and Philip:

Hayley has been in Australia two years in June and has done a lot of voluntary work, including farm work to gain her extra year there before getting the job with The Tall Ships in Sydney harbour. She has been with the company since last April and they are sponsoring her so that she can remain in Australia .

Since leaving Walton school which I believe is now called the Voyager she went to Wisbech college for 2 years to gain qualifications to enable her to go to Bangor University to study Marine Zoology .

The dream she had of working with marine mammals started from the age of 6 when we took her and Gemma to Florida and she fell in love with the Dolphins and Whales at sea world ., She never really liked the idea of them being kept in captivity but never the less this is what sparked her interest and after we got back she spent her time finding out as much as she could about marine mammals .

When she was 14 we went to The Florida Keys ,having found out before we went that there were Dolphin encounters in Key Largo and they researched the Dolphins there and there effect on children with special needs , so she wrote to them to ask if she could do some work experience while she was there on holiday . They wrote back and agreed that she could go for 3 days and assist on a voluntary basis , needless to say she loved, it even the messy bits stuffing dead fish with vitamins to feed the dolphins !!

Between attending Wisbech Collage and Bangor University she went to Maui in Hawaii 2 years running on internship programmes. The first year she went it was a choice of a car or a chance of a life time to go to Hawaii- no contest really. Her dreams were still very much alive , and so at 18 years old she flew all on her own to the other side of the world to do a research project on whales and Dolphins collecting data . The following year she saved up the air fare by working in Boots the Chemist on a Saturday.

She also did projects in The Murray Firth in Scotland and worked as a guide in the Outer Hebrides on a ship called The Chalice taking tourists around the Islands.

After leaving University she took up jobs with Thomas Cook and The Fight Shop in Cambridge, all so she could save enough money to go to Australia on a 2 year visa.

I hope that Hayley's enthusiasm and determination inspire the pupils at Paston Ridings to follow their dreams and work hard for what they want from life , nothing is impossible if you want it badly enough . Hayley is proof of that. From May 2014 Hayley will be the Tall Ships Marine Biologist and will be passing on her knowledge to the many people that go out on one of their Whale Watching Cruises . She is having a ball !!

Gemma Chambers 

 Hayley and Gemma Chambers
Hayley and Gemma Chambers

Gemma is also doing well and is working at Media One in Peterborough.

The company is an on line Magazine and Gemma has recently been promoted to Business Director. Since leaving Walton School (The Voyager) she has worked in various companies gaining experience and obtaining her AAT qualification (Association of Accounts and Technicians) and recently did an open University degree in Interior Design .

The company that she is working for produces on line magazines to the trade, Gemma has recently been involved with getting an Interior Design magazine on the shelves in WH Smith for the general public.