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Paston Ridings 
Primary School

School Lunch Menu

Please click on the link below to see the lunch menu for this week.

Below is a lovely note on school dinners from one of our Year 5 pupils. 

School dinners update

Thursday 3rd April 2014

Today when I went into the hall everyone was talking about how great it was.  Now I was only expecting the food to just be great but when I collected my food which was lovely anyway with Jules.  But they had chocolate/strawberry milkshake and refills!  It was fantabulously, superbly, totally amazing.  There was a new set up and everything, also the new cooks are wonderful.  And just to add to the amazingness there are alot more tubs to put our knifes and forks in so we are not playing a game of jenga and trying to put it on without it falling.  So in conclusion my school dinner today was the best school dinner I have ever had and if you keep doing it like that, every day will be great.  Keep it up.