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Paston Ridings 
Primary School


9th July 2020

Dear Parents/Carers  


We hope everyone continues to be well. A few key messages for you all this week.

Guidance for September Opening

As you will all have seen the Government has produced its guidance for schools reopening fully in September. We are in the process of completing our plans and risk assessments to make Paston Ridings a COVID safe environment. We know that there will be staggered start and end times for each class and we will do our best to limit the number of parents on the school site at drop off and collection times.

Children will be kept in class sized bubbles in school, this means that they will not mix with children in other bubbles and activities such as assemblies will not be able to happen as a large group. Break times and lunch times will also be changed to ensure we can distance bubbles as much as possible. We are still unsure if we will be able to run a breakfast club provision, this will be confirmed next week.

Children will be finding out their new teachers next week. Along with this information there will be more specific guidance about the timings of the school day for your child and how to drop off and collect them.  

The Department for Education have produced some guidance for parents about September re-opening. Please follow the link to access this if you would like to;

Food bank

Food bank is available on Tuesday for the last time.  Please ring and we will take your details. Families will be asked to collect their parcel at a specific time, maintaining the social distancing rules. Please send an adult who is well and not exhibiting any symptoms. If you are unable to leave the house due to self-isolation or having lots of young children at home, we will be able to offer delivery.

Benefit Related School Meal Vouchers

The Summer vouchers, have been ordered for release on Thursday 16th July.  These cover the 7 week holiday period, so a total of £105 per child. The vouchers will be in the form of gift cards from Edenred and the whole of the gift card will not need to be spent in one go. The codes that you are sent are only valid for one month, but when they have been converted onto the gift vouchers they are valid for at least 2 months.  

We can support you to redeem the vouchers on Thursday 16th July or Friday 17th July and we will print the vouchers for those of you that require us to.

School Grounds as a Short Cut

Please can you remind family members that school grounds are not for use as a short cut when they are in a hurry as we have had several incidents of older siblings cutting through the grounds. Obviously this is a safety risk at a time when we are doing our best to limit the number of people on school site

Home Learning during the Summer

We will be sending home some home learning ideas and web links for over the Summer break. Please can we encourage you all to spend some time with your child reading, writing and practicing some number skills in preparation for September. The home learning is also available on the school website

Thank you for your continued patience during this challenging time and we wish you all well. Stay safe.

Kind Regards

Mrs Harradine

Deputy Headteacher