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Paston Ridings 
Primary School

Reception Information

All about our reception classes at Paston Ridings Primary School

Reception is the first year in which children start school, and it is the last year of the Early Year Foundation Stage. At Paston Ridings we have 2 reception classes, Ducklings and Kittens. When the children start school they are allocated to a class where they will be supported in their playing and learning by their teacher and teaching assistant.

We have 2 large spacious classrooms set up with continuous provision for the children to learn in and explore, both with a dedicated carpet area for adult led learning and quiet listening time. The children from both classes have access to a wonderful outdoor classroom where they can mix with their peers from Ducklings and Kittens. We also have use of the KS1 playground to practise and improve our gross motor skills on a range of bikes, scooters and ride ons.