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Paston Ridings 
Primary School

Protocol if a child is not collected at the end of the school day

If a child is not collected from school we will follow the procedures below - procedures are based on the Cambridgeshire Safeguarding Guidance 2021 .

Our procedures:

  • If a child is not collected by a parent/carer after the school day or approved activity, the Headteacher or Designated Safeguarding Lead will be notified.  Every effort will then be made to contact the parent/carer, or failing that, the emergency contact.
  • In the case of a pupil not being collected and the parent/carer not responding to calls made within 1 hour of the usual collection time, the school will ring Children’s Social Care to discuss the concerns and ask advice. 
  • Social Care will give advice and make appropriate checks. Please ensure that you provide a contact number to the Social Worker which can be accessed after the school offices close as the social worker will need to liaise with you.
  • School will continue to be responsible for trying to contact the parent/carer/emergency contact and to keep Social Care updated about the situation. The child will be kept on school grounds until further action has been agreed with social care.
  • School or Social Care may consider a visit to the home necessary to establish the whereabouts of the parents. 
  • If attempts to contact a parent/carer are still unsuccessful, school and Social Care will jointly take responsibility for arranging the child/children to be transported to an appropriate venue.
  • The Social Worker or Headteacher will notify the parents via voicemails and a letter, hand delivered to the home address with the details of who to contact regarding their children’s whereabouts. 
  • Any plans for transporting a child will comply with local arrangements concerning insurance, staff availability out of hours and any relevant information from the school relating to the child’s special needs or behavioural difficulties. All occasions when a child or young person requires transport in an emergency situation must be recorded and reported to a senior manager and the parents.