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Paston Ridings 
Primary School


At Paston Ridings Primary School, we want all members of the community to embrace the opportunities created through technology. We want staff and pupils to be e-confident, to explore new technologies and for outcomes for pupils to be extended and supported through the effective use of technology. We want pupils, staff and parents to keep themselves and others safe online. We aim for our technology to be an integral part of school life, used appropriately to support learning and teaching.


Our Computing curriculum here at Paston Ridings Primary School is split into four key strands in order for children to get well-rounded coverage within each year group. These four strands include:

Understanding Technology

Digital Literacy


Online Safety


We also link each strand where possible to our Cornerstones Topics across each year group throughout each half-term to show key links and get the most out of our children’s learning.

Please our overviews at the bottom of this page showing the coverage & progression across the different year groups including what Computing looks like in EYFS.


Our Technology:

We are very lucky here at Paston Ridings Primary School to have a set of iPads per class, allow children to access and learn our curriculum.  The introduction of iPads across the school started in 2016,  where we set on an journey to bring learning to life and allow children across the school to be more confident with technology. Since then, iPads are used daily within each classroom for all areas of the curriculum, we have personalised staff training to support the needs of all across the school and we have further engagement and understanding from children compared to five years ago when we started. Our iPads are managed by a remote company called KRCS who help us to run them daily as well as push through new apps and continue to send general updates through so we get the most from them every day.


E Safety:

Technology gives our children a variety of opportunities on a daily basis. With our ever changing world, we are faced with new challenges all of the time. It is important to all staff at Paston Ridings Primary School to children are kept safe from things that can cause them upset or put them at risk/harm. At school we help the children to think about the use of technology and how they behave when accessing variety of things on computers. In discussions with them and following advice from different agencies we can minimise the risk.

At Paston Ridings Primary School we strive to empower children to stay safe online and really understand what it means to act responsibly. To support this we have created our own Computing Curriculum with Online safety at the heart of all of our teaching. With stand-alone lessons being explicitly taught half termly, the children are always reminded of their roles and responsibilities when using technology in all subjects.

We have run workshops previously for parents to come into school and learn about how they can best support their children to minimise risks there too. With a reasonable uptake, parents were shown first-hand different resources they could look into, things to be aware of and ways they can open conversations with their children just like we do at school.

Acceptable Use Policies:

We have Acceptable Use Policies that both staff and children sign when attending Paston Ridings Primary School.

Children are reminded of the rules when use technology online in the classroom on their move up days in their new classes. These are all at an age appropriate level and allows for that open dialogue across the classroom, putting into place the Online Safety features we regularly teach. Once the list of rules are read and discussed the children are then invited to sign their name at the bottom, acknowledging that they agree with what has been put into place. These are then displayed in the classroom and referred to on a regular basis throughout school life. Any child not following the rules they have agreed to, will be remove immediately from the technology and spoken to alongside parents to remind them of expectations.

Please find attached the acceptable use policy given to all year groups across the school. These are slightly different across key stages and for EYFS too.