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Paston Ridings 
Primary School


In both Key Stages much of our curriculum is delivered around particular themes based on the History curriculum. In these studies we aim to develop the children’s skills and curiosity for the world around them, as well as investigate how people, places and events in the past influenced both the present and the environment in which they live today. There will be opportunities to explore and contrast localities in the UK and other parts of the world and the themes studied will have strong links to other subjects in the curriculum, such as Literacy, Science, Design Technology and Art.

Year 1 – The Victorians

Within this theme Year 1 focus on The Victorian. The children learn about Victorian toys, clothes and school and how they these have changed over the years.

Year 2 - Castles

As part of this theme Year 2 focus on the History of Rockingham and William the Conqueror. They focus on castle features, defences and weapons and they make comparisons between now and then. The children complete art work linked to castles; where they are given the opportunity to create their own castles and sword making.

Year 3 – The Egyptians

Year 3 take part in an Egyptian day during this topic, where they get the opportunity to practise Egyptian dances, make and try some food eaten in Egyptian times, make Egyptian Jewellery and create hieroglyphics. The children will learn about daily life, Egyptian Gods and burial chambers.

Year 4 – The Romans and Chocolate

Year 4 focus on the Romans where they look into the types of clothes worn, food and cooking, schools, the army and weapons used. The children are given the opportunity to create their own fact file about the Romans with the information they learn. They also learn about the Aztecs through the teaching of chocolate, where they learn how the cocoa bean was found and what it was used for.

Year 5 – The Tudors

As part of this theme the children concentrate on the Tudor period. They take part in a Tudor day where they can experience and take part in different Tudor activities. The children learn about how the Tudors began, Henry VIII and his 6 wives and about the Tudor ways of life.

Year 6 – World War 2

During this topic year 6 visit Stibbington, here they learn about evacuation and create an ID card for them to take around with them all day. They walk through the village and they are given the opportunity to look at houses from the time of WWII. During this topic the children learn about rationing, air raids, gas masks and have the opportunity to make a gas mask box. They also interview a lady who was a child in WWII.