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Paston Ridings 
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Handwriting is a skill, which like reading and spelling, affects the written communication across the curriculum. Children must be able to write with ease, speed and legibility in order to communicate effectively and confidently.  As a result, children are taught from Early Years upwards in such a way that will allow them to easily progress to a joined script when they are ready in Year 1 and 2. A consistent whole school approach is adopted to ensure that children progress as they move through the school. Handwriting skills should be taught regularly and systematically.


  • Achieve neat, legible style with correctly formed letters. 

  • Develop flow and speed with writing. 

  • To write in a joined font in KS2. 


Below are some key elements to our handwriting approach: 

  • All pupils are taught the same style of handwriting throughout school. We have high expectations of what they can achieve.  

  • Pupils should use their best handwriting in every piece of work, and use guidelines where appropriate. 

  • Regular handwriting practice sessions should be undertaken, particularly in the first term, to ensure expectations are upheld from the previous year. 

  • Handwriting practice should be recorded in the handwriting books for KS1 and on plain paper with a suitable line guide attached, these are the kept in individual plastic wallets for each child. 

  • The correct grip (tripod) is expected of all pupils. 

  • Guidelines are to be printed on yellow card, as they show up better under white paper. 

  • Letters are taught with very strong diagonal flicks from Year 2.  

  • Writing with such definite flicks means that children will begin to join naturally by the end of Year 2. 

  • Children are taught how to write uppercase as well as lowercase. 

  • All teachers shared/ guided writing is modelled using lines. 

  • Children are taught the words ‘ascenders’ and ‘descenders’. 


  • Children will leave our school being able to write in a clear, joined font at the end of KS2. 

  • Children are awarded with a pen license and handwriting pen, when they are consistently demonstrating a clear, joined script in all areas of the curriculum.   

  • Writing will be legible and work will be presented neatly, allowing for successes to be shared and children to take pride in their work. 


Long ladders 

l i j t u y 

Curly caterpillars 

c a o q g d e s f 

Wall jumpers 

r m n h b k p  

Zig zag letters 

v w x z  


Please see our full handwriting policy below.