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Paston Ridings 
Primary School


In both Key Stages much of our curriculum is delivered around particular projects based on the Geography curriculum. In these studies we aim to develop the children’s skills and curiosity for the world around them, as well as investigate how people, places and events in the past influenced both the present and the environment in which they live today. There will be opportunities to explore and contrast localities in the UK and other parts of the world and the themes studied will have strong links to other subjects in the curriculum, such as Literacy, Science, Design Technology and Art.

Year 1  ‘The Aliens are coming’

Within this theme, children focus on learning about the local area of Paston. They have the opportunity to develop early map skills through using maps and creating their own maps. The children take part in a walk of the local area alongside visiting the park and the Post Office.

Year 2  ‘The Seaside’

Year 2 children enjoy a visit to the seaside on the Norfolk coast as part of this theme. The children develop knowledge of the features of the coast and identify the human and physical features. They also compare seaside features from the past to the present day.

Year 3  ‘Town Planners’

As part of this theme, year 3 children transform into ‘Town Planners’! They find out about the different features of villages, towns and cities. The children take a walk around the local area identifying the features particularly the different styles of housing. The children also gather information through a trip into Peterborough city centre.  Throughout the whole of this topic the children are developing their map skills and geographical vocabulary. At the end of the unit of work, the children work in small groups to create their own map of their ideal town.

Year 4  ‘Africa’

In year 4 the children are focused on the continent of Africa. A particular country e.g. Gambia, is picked in order for the children to conduct a location case study. The children find out about the human and physical features of the country and make comparisons between their own lives / where they live and the country they are focused on.

Year 5  ‘A European River Experience’

‘A European River Experience’ is a research based theme where the year 5 children are able to learn all about the features of rivers and apply their knowledge to rivers within Europe. The children are encouraged to undertake independent research in ordered to support their increasing geographical vocabulary.

Year 6 ‘ Islands’

In year 6 the children combine all the skills they have developed in an ‘Islands’ based theme. The children extend their map reading skills through learning how to use grid referencing and the use of atlases. A location study is conducted between Paston and the Shetland Islands where the children compare the human and physical features.