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Paston Ridings 
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At Paston Ridings we believe that teaching children to communicate effectively is the cornerstone to children becoming lifelong learners and successful 21st Century citizens. We follow a bespoke curriculum, carefully designed to meets the needs of our culturally diverse and ever-changing cohort of children.  At Paston Ridings we aim to provide the children with exciting, cross curricular learning experiences, integrating speaking and listening and reading and writing. We value writing for real purposes and audiences through meaningful opportunities. We believe that children will be motivated and enthused to learn through the selection of high quality texts. Most importantly, our aims to develop in our children a love of language and literature which we believe is fundamentally important to their learning.


We use a bespoke phonics programme at Paston Ridings that teaches children the letter sounds and how these are written. We enable children to start learning phonic knowledge and skills systematically from when they arrive in Reception with the expectation that they will be fluent readers having secured word recognition skills by the end of Key Stage One. Phonics is taught daily in Reception and Key Stage One, with children in Year Two moving on to learning spelling patterns once they are secure in their phonic knowledge. Children are taught new sounds, along with a visual clue and rhyme to support their recall. Teachers understand that phonics is way in which we teach children to read and our focus in school is to ensure that children read the whole word as quickly as possible.

Rigorous, six-weekly assessments support teachers’ ability to ensure that children are making good progress

Please find our phonics map below.


Reading form the backbone of our English curriculum. Children are introduced to many core texts throughout their time at Paston Ridings, with the intent to build a large knowledge, love and repertoire of different texts.

Our approach to reading is rooted in ensuring that whilst children are rapidly acquiring their phonics knowledge, we build and development their understanding of comprehension. The reading curriculum has been divided into seven strands, which the children are taught in turn.

Reading objectives





Vocabulary choices

Compare, contrast and comment

Authorial choice


Guided Reading is taught on a daily basis across school from Year Two onwards. This allows children the opportunity to develop their fluency and build their understanding of to comprehend a text successfully.

In Reception and Year One, Guided Reading is matched the phonic ability of the children in order to support their understanding whilst they are building their ability to read fluently. On a daily basis, teachers support children to read the whole word through the use of ‘red’ and ‘green’ words in order to build their fluency.


Writing to Entertain 

Writing to Inform

Writing to Persuade

Writing to Discuss

EYFS & Key Stage One
EYFS & Key Stage One
Lower Key Stage Two
Lower Key Stage Two
Lower Key Stage Two
Upper Key Stage Two
Upper Key Stage Two
Upper Key Stage Two
Upper Key Stage Two

Children becoming successful writers is crucial for them to be able to transition to secondary school and we embed the skills of writing as soon as children enter in Reception. At Paston Ridings we teach writing through cross curricular topics as well as using a wonderful variety of books and school trips to inspire the children.

We value writing for different audiences and for real life purposes and this is reflected in the learning journeys mapped out across school.

Please see the whole-school writing plan below.