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Paston Ridings 
Primary School


Paston Ridings Primary School is committed to working in partnership with the parents of children in our care.  If you have concerns over your child’s education or have a complaint to make, we will see you as soon as is possible and will deal with your problem promptly and courteously.

Appointments can be made to speak to class teachers or members of Senior Management, please contact the school office or speak to the teacher directly to make a mutually convenient appointment.

In the event that your complaint or concern cannot be dealt with by the class teacher please speak to Mrs Cook the Headteacher.  In the event of Mrs Cook being unavailable please speak to Mrs Harradine or Mrs Hayes the Deputy Headteachers. Mrs Barham is also available if you have a concern relating to Special Educational Need provision.

In the event of receiving a complaint we will aim to contact you within 24 hours to inform you of any action we intend to take.  If you are not satisfied with the action taken by the school you may complain to the Chair of the Governing Body in writing, who will refer the matter to the relevant Governing body committee.  This committee will consider the complaint and contact you within 5 school days from the date of its meeting.

Of course, we hope that your child’s time at Paston Ridings Primary School will be positive and happy, but please don’t hesitate to contact staff if you are worried or concerned.  All staff will be glad to spend time listening to and helping you and your child