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Paston Ridings 
Primary School



We believe it is important to foster a positive attitude towards school and the community and this is done in part by promoting and rewarding good behaviour and hard work.  Work and behaviour expectations are made clear to the pupils and a system of sanctions is applied firmly but fairly to maintain the good order that we have established in the school. 

We recognise that there may be particular reasons for some misbehaviour and to this end we have Learning Mentors who are available to work with and support those pupils who require it. If the poor behaviour is serious or persistent then a member of the Senior Leadership Team or the Headteacher will deal with it. Parents will be informed if there are any concerns.

Paston Ridings Primary School expects all pupils, staff and parents to treat each other respectfully at all times, communicating in a calm, polite manner.

Our behaviour policy was revised in 2014 with a working party of children. It supports children to make the right choices and uses restorative justice, appropriate to the child's age, to resolve issues. 

The anti-bullying policy reflects our zero tolerance approach to bullying and promotes a structured, thorough response to any concerns.