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Paston Ridings 
Primary School

Art and Design Technology

Art and Design

All year groups have the opportunity to design, make and evaluate a range of products in Design Technology using a variety of methods and materials. Similarly, in Art the children will learn and develop skills to produce finished products in painting, drawing, fabrics and modelling. Where possible, Design Technology and Art lessons will be linked to their current Topic.

Year 1

During their time in Year 1, develop their pencil skills to to draw lines, exploring animal skin patterns. They use a range of collage materials to make textures and patterns based on their drawings and the natural markings of a range of animal skins and furs. Children will learn to manipulate materials by using layering, tearing, cutting, rolling and gluing techniques to make their collages.  Our pupils will also be provided with a range of images for inspiration. They will been encouraged to talk about patterns they can see using vocabulary such as spotty, spotted, speckled, scaly, stripy, stripes, dots, dotty and patchy.

Year 2

For Design and Technology and linked to Topic work the children design and create a Castle using Junk Modelling, as well as testing materials that would be suitable for making their own skateboard. In year 2 children experiment with paint, mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. They also study the work of a variety of artists including: Kandinsky's Concentric Circles work and Guiseppe Arcimboldo's Vertumnus.


Year 3 children link their Art and Design Technology work to both Literacy and Topic in the Spring term. The children design and make a house for the Three Little Pigs, including furniture and working lights. The children also learn cooking skills throughout the year, particularly linking to their Egyptian Topic.

Year 4

As part of Art and Design Technology the children design and make Shields, Roman bread and Mosaics. The children study the artist Picasso and recreate some of his famous work. Throughout the Topic of chocolate the children create a chocolate product looking at everything from ingredients to packaging and advertising.

Year 5

Over the course of the year the children experiment with a variety of materials and artistic techniques. They learn to sketch Tudor portraits, design and recreate a fair ground ride with a moving mechanism. Throughout the year they study artists including Andy Goldsworthy and Kevin Hunter.

Year 6

Linking with the variety of Topics covered in Year 6, children have many opportunities to design, create, draw and paint. They study Eadweard Muybridge’s action photography in order to learn to draw people in action. The ‘Island’ topic is used as a basis for designing and building shelters, as well as drawing and painting beach landscapes. A lot of the Artwork in Year 6 focuses on presentation, as children explore lettering styles. Design and Technology is linked with ICT skills as children design their own logos.