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Paston Ridings 
Primary School

Year 5 Woburn Trip

Year 5 had a fabulous day at Woburn Safari Park. All staff and children were very well behaved and had a great time.

The road safari was really interesting. The guide told us lots of interesting information about the animals and the safari park. The lions and tigers were very well behaved. The monkeys took a liking to us and wanted to come back to school with us. They tried to hitch a ride on the top of our coaches. The rhinos were amazing and it was breath taking being so close to them. The giraffes were lovely. They made Ms Dixon giggle when they bent down to graze on the grass!

The foot safari was a great experience. We watched wallabies and Jim emus relaxing in the sun, penguins cooling off in the water, and we got up close to many other animals. Especially, the elephants. Touching an elephant was unique! It was rough and its hair was coarse, nothing like we expected. Watching the sea lion show was lovely and we were amazed by how clever the sea lions are.

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