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Paston Ridings 
Primary School

Visit to Posh

On 23rd April, some year 6 ,who are members of the football team, went to see POSH v Scunthorpe at the ABAX stadium in Peterborough. The children toured the stadium to see the trophies, changing rooms and learn what goes on behind the scenes. They then met the manager and welcomed the teams to the pitch as flag bearers. We all had a fabulous day and were very proud of the children's behaviour, they were a true credit to the school.

We hope to run this again in the Autumn term for more children from the football club.

  • Posh visit

    Posh visit.JPG
    Posh visit
  • Posh visit 5

    Posh visit 5.JPG
    Posh visit 5
  • Posh visit 4

    Posh visit 4.JPG
    Posh visit 4
  • Posh visit 3

    Posh visit 3.JPG
    Posh visit 3
  • Posh Visit 2

    Posh Visit 2.JPG
    Posh Visit 2